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How eSignatures Can Help You Return to Business

There are years that history remembers. Some tragic, this past year included, and some redemptive. While 2020 will certainly be a year no one will ever forget, 2021 will be just as memorable for other reasons.

It will be known for the return. The return of weddings, sports, concerts, and travel.

And for our hospitality friends, it will be the return of social gatherings, corporate events, conferences, meetings and so much more.

While we have known this day would come, many may still feel unprepared for the influx of new business. After more than a year of dealing with Covid-19, and running at a lower capacity, hotels are bound to be rusty when it comes to welcoming back guests and conducting business as usual.

Not only that, but many hotels are finding themselves understaffed and low on resources, including money.

So, what can hotels do to help ease the transition and do more with less?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our many years in the hospitality industry, it’s that fewer staff equals a greater need for technology.

We’re not talking about technology for the sake of technology, but something practical. Technology that makes your staff members’ jobs easier, your customers happier, and your business run smoother. This is exactly what the Sertifi Agreement Platform does for hotels, starting with eSignatures.

How can eSignatures help you return to business?

Ease of use.

One of the simplest reasons for using eSignatures is the ease of use. Convenience will always be valued in business and eSignatures make that more possible. People are not going to do business with a hotel that makes life inconvenient, and no one wants to print and fax anymore. Getting documents signed online is fast and easy for all parties involved.

Increased speed.

eSignatures can be signed and sent in a matter of seconds, speeding up the pace of business exponentially. Rather than waiting for documents to be mailed, or spending time printing and faxing, contracts can be signed and delivered immediately.

Improved document accuracy.

Imagine waiting weeks to receive a signed document only to realize the signer has missed a page or accidentally left out important information. eSignatures eliminate that problem by making mandatory fields. The signer won’t be able to complete to document and send it back until all the required fields are filled.

Time and money savings.

Paperwork can be time-consuming and expensive to deal with. With eSignatures, hotels can send out documents in a matter of seconds, keep track of their progress, and easily save them for the future. This allows employees to make better use of their time and cuts down on the cost of printing and faxing.

Better guest service.

Giving your guests the ability to sign documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device makes doing business faster and easier and increases customer satisfaction.

When it comes to sending out a document for signature, it should be simple. The days of printing and faxing or using a mail courier are long behind us.

If you’re looking for a more efficient, convenient, and secure method, check out Sertifi eSignatures and give your hotel the extra boost it needs for returning to business.

It’s time to open the doors and welcome back your guests.