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ITB Berlin 2024 Event Recap: How the Power of AI is Impacting Travel

On March 5-7, over 100,000 travel representatives congregated at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel tradeshow, in Germany. Covering over 1,700,000 sq ft of floor space and 27 halls at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, the conference brought together attendees, media, industry experts, and 5,500 exhibitors from over 170 countries to network, learn about the latest industry trends, and inspire one another while exploring and defining the future of travel. 

With boots on the ground in Berlin, our team got to experience this energy and momentum first-hand. And since we had such a great time connecting with new and old friends, we thought we’d share a quick recap of our conference experience and learnings. 

A Vessel for Innovation 

Amidst the industry’s recent pandemic-related challenges, ITB Berlin took advantage of its platform by amplifying the voices of 400 international speakers at 200 sessions, re-energizing the tourism industry’s lucrative engine with each presentation. AI, skills shortages, and climate justice were just some of the topics focused on, highlighting the role innovation plays within the industry. 

“ITB Berlin once again mirrored industry developments. The mood among exhibitors, visitors, and speakers was very positive throughout. They generally agreed that people’s desire to travel is not just satisfying pent-up demand after the pandemic, but that it will remain basically stable. Neither inflation nor high energy prices appear to be curbing demand,” remarked Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of Messe Berlin. 

AI Takes the Reigns in Travel Technology 

With the event’s motto, “Pioneer the Transition in Travel and Tourism,” over 500 hotel technology booths joined the conversation and educated attendees on the latest ways tech can enhance the staff and guest experience. AI was a particularly popular topic at the Sertifi booth and among the crowd, as it was the first year the convention hosted a dedicated AI track. Sertifi’s credit card authorization solution and advanced fraud tools are just one example of the AI solutions on display that attendees found to greatly improve experiences and their business’ bottom line.  

Charuta Fadnis, SVP at Phocuswright, touched on the importance of AI while speaking to attendees following the “Future Track” of the event. 

“We cannot ignore AI, as its effect will be transformative. Perhaps some people overestimate its short-term impact, but there are probably many who underestimate its long-term effect,” she said. 

By the end of the event, it was agreed that no organization or company could ignore AI’s benefits to their tech stack any longer. 

A Successful Event 

Overall, ITB Berlin showrunners delivered an event the industry has been craving. Creating an inclusive and celebratory space for a diverse group of people representing different sectors of the global travel industry is no easy feat. Casting a focus on the level of innovation each sector of the industry is cooking up, as well as the role it will play in tourism’s future, was the ticket to success and underlined the show’s role as the leading international platform for business, innovation, and networking. Post-event, the show stands tall and is being referred to as a “beacon of hope, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of the global tourism industry.” 


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