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Letting Tech Go Unnoticed

We live in a world that is constantly being digitized, which can be overwhelming. Like, do we really need smart mirrors? As a result, guests have started to subconsciously expect the processes that support their stay to be tech-based while also being anticipatory of an overly-tech stay. It’s fair to say that technology only becomes an issue when it is absent or overly noticeable.

Tech should be seamless and enhance an experience without being a roadblock.

The best hospitality tech is the kind that goes unnoticed. To deliver a seamless guest experience that is silently supported by technology, hoteliers can start by meeting the demands of the digital-first guest before they even arrive. For example, by streamlining processes like contactless payments and contact e-signatures, guests get an enhanced experience that is delivered directly to them. Ultimately, guests trust familiarity and solutions that offer them ease.

✅ Hoteliers can focus on delivering the best experience for their guests.

Once guests are set up to expect a seamless digital experience, hoteliers can harness automation, one of the most effective ways to quietly utilize tech solutions. By automating front office tasks using digital solutions, hoteliers can streamline workflows to eliminate the use of physical and/or multiple systems that overcomplicate the process and take up extra time that can be spent creating better experiences for guests.

✅ Tech can automate, integrate, and protect. 

Integration is another way to add ease to the use of technology. Hotels can make sure their tech stack solutions are excellent at specific things and will work together to eliminate inefficiencies in the handoffs between them. Every time a guest’s personal data leaves a system that is not part of a properly integrated tech stack, it is put at risk and enables the possibility of a guest noticing that the use of technology was at play. Automating the transfer of information across systems and keeping the information secure and accurate along the way is critical to maintaining staff efficiency and positive brand perception among guests.

By letting tech go unnoticed, from the beginning to the end of their stay, hotels can keep guests feeling relaxed and taken care of with the help of streamlined processes and digital solutions. 

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Mimi McNulty

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