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Love the Sertifi Experience? Rate Us on Hotel Tech Report


Here at Sertifi, we know our customers work tirelessly to go above and beyond for their customers. Being hospitable is literally part of your job description. As a developer of a complete agreements platform designed for hospitality and travel companies, we’re proud to do our part in making everyone’s booking and payment experience as seamless as possible, and we’re glad to see we’re having a positive influence on people’s experiences. 

"We love Sertifi's security features! Our clients are confident using the website and feel safe that their information is secure. Plus, it's fast and easy to use!" - Director of Conference Services - City Center Hotels in San Diego (USA) 

"The Sertifi software is a lifesaver when it comes to lengthy contracts or event orders. Instead of signing 50 sheets of paper, my clients and I only have to type our names. It also is very easy to keep up with the documents electronically." - Catering Sales Manager - Branded Hotels in Little Rock (USA) 

"No need to print, sign, scan and email back signed contracts. Everything is signed electronically to save you and your client time. Sertifi is mobile friendly which my clients love, they can review and sign the contract that you had sent whenever and wherever your clients are. Sertifi is a secured system." - Sales Manager from Branded Hotels - Skokie (USA) 

"Using Sertifi makes contracting easy. I use it every day. It truly is the best and makes everything safe and secure." - Catering Sales Manager - Luxury Hotels in Canton (USA) 

"As Sertifi reviews our credit card authorization forms and provides us with a fraud score for each payment card, we are able to review and process other requests much faster, which expedites our process and makes things easier for our staff and our guests." - Reservation Supervisor - Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles

Without our customers, none of this would be possible. In exchange for your endless support, we want to hear from you. As customers, we value your opinions greatly. Help us make our platform better by leaving a review of your Sertifi experience. Head over to to share your feedback.

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Mimi McNulty

Mimi McNulty is a Marketing Generalist at Sertifi. While she makes a point to have a pulse on all things Sertifi, Mimi is responsible for the company's social media channels, event coordination, and blog. She also assists with content creation, creative marketing, content strategy, and internal marketing ventures. Mimi is a communication enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and media relations.