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Sertifi Employee Spotlight – Sam Allen

Soccer Fanatic. Public Transit Traveler Technical Writer. 

This month’s Sertifi Employee Spotlight is on Technical Writer Sam Allen. Keep reading to learn more about Sam’s role, his advice to prospective hires, and what he’d tell his 13-year old self.

What’s your role at Sertifi, and tell me about your day-to-day?

I’m a Technical Writer, and my primary duties are creating documentation for new product features and the support site. Lately, I’ve also started producing videos for Marketing and Customer Success.  

What is your proudest moment at Sertifi? 

There’s no one moment in particular, but I do enjoy how many opportunities I’ve had to work across different teams. 

What advice do you have for prospective new hire candidates?

Everyone has different areas of expertise that can help you, so never be afraid to ask questions. 

What are 3 words to describe Sertifi?

Something new every day 

What core value do you identify with most and why?

Help Each Other – a rising tide lifts all boats.

What do you miss about being physically in the office every day?

I miss being able to take the L, so some mornings I’ll stand in a corner of my apartment listening to a recording of the CTA guy’s voice saying, “Randolph and Wabash are next. Doors open on the right at Randolph and Wabash.” 

What do you like best about working from home? 

The coffee’s always fresh and I can occasionally cook an elaborate lunch for myself. My cat is also beyond thrilled that I’m home so often. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Lots of watching soccer on the weekends, as well as playing it (virtually) in FIFA. I’m a Liverpool fan, so there’s rarely a dull moment. Books are a constant presence as well, particularly about French history. A newer hobby is music production.

What celebrity do people think you look like? 

No one has ever seen Stephen Malkmus and me in the same room.

What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love? 

I don’t know if this is embarrassing, but I really like watching “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.” I don’t even paint, I just like to watch how he does it. 

What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?

Wear more deodorant and less Abercrombie & Fitch aftershave. You don’t even shave yet. 

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