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Sertifi Integration Spotlight:
Infor HMS & Infor S&C


Sertifi makes it easy to sign contracts, make payments, and complete authorizations for events. And while a simple, secure agreements process is critical for business, we know we're one stop in a much larger journey you and your customers take together.

That's why it's important to invest in creating partnerships with other leading hospitality and travel providers. When we work together, the entire network is stronger, and it makes finalizing business that much faster and secure.

Meet Sertifi's Integration with Infor’s HMS + S&C Solutions

What is it?

Sertifi integrates with Infor's property management system, Infor HMS, giving hoteliers a seamless, PCI-compliant way to capture credit card authorizations for third-party reservations within their PMS.

Sertifi also integrates with Infor's event management system, Infor Sales & Catering, so hoteliers can send Sertifi e-signature requests for contracts and BEOs, along with deposit and payment requests, directly from Infor Sales & Catering.

Why should I use it?
  • System hopping and manual data entry leaves your customer's information at risk for human error, such as re-keying errors, and security concerns, such as accidental data exposure. Keep information accurate and safe with a fully digital experience that seamlessly pushes information from Sertifi to your Infor system.

  • Streamline your processes and automate what's typically manual for you and your customers. By requesting and completing agreements online, and letting your customers sign and pay from any location and device, you'll get completed contracts and payments back 90% faster.

  • Digitizing your credit card authorization forms lets you capture payment information in a PCI compliant manner and take advantage of a variety of fraud prevention measures, such as 3DS and AVS. Plus, you’ll be able to get forms back in minutes. 

How do I get started?

Our integration comes preinstalled, so getting up and running is easy. Contact your Infor sales representative to get started. And we're of course always help to answer your questions, too.

About the author

Amy Inouye

Amy Inouye is the product marketing manager at Sertifi. In collaboration with Sertifi teams and our customers, she guides the development and release of product updates.