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Sertifi Workflow Recipe: Reducing Hotel Payment Processing Costs with ACH

Ready to save more time and revenue with Sertifi? In addition to card payments, Sertifi lets you accept ACH payments (eChecks), an electronic payment transferred between U.S. bank accounts by the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH) network. 

Even if you’re already accepting wire transfers, ACH payments are a great way to drive down your overall costs (more on that in this related blog post). 

By enabling ACH payments, Sertifi customers: 

  • Reduce transaction costs (fees for ACH are significantly lower than card fees).  
  • Save thousands in fees within 1-2 months of turning it on.  
  • Reduce processing times and lost time manually handling paper checks.
In this short demo series, learn more about how you can get started using ACH payments with Sertifi.

After a customer receives your payment request, all they have to do is provide their payment information via the Sertifi form and electronically sign the corresponding document (like a contract or disclaimer document). Including a document for cardholder signature is a great way to defend against a chargeback if one comes up.

And that’s it! ACH is simple for your staff and even simpler for your guests. If you’ve already decided to offer the card payments, it’s a no brainer to add ACH to help drive down your costs.


Watch and share the complete ACH payments demo: 


Reducing Processing Costs with ACH

Are you a Sertifi payments customer still not accepting ACH payments? Don't miss our upcoming webinar, where we'll be walking through the cost savings you can see by enabling it and answering all your questions.

About the author

Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is the enterprise director of payments at Sertifi. Mike brings over 20 years of experience in sales and payment technology. At Sertifi, he manages the strategy and adoption of payment solutions, particularly SertifiyPay, Sertifi’s proprietary payment processor – all aimed to make payments simpler and more secure for the hospitality and travel industry.