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The Cost of Doing Business: Sertifi and Sustainability


Travel and tourism account for approximately 8 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, so it’s no surprise that hospitality is on the hook to offset the impact. With
more than 71 percent of guests wanting to travel more sustainably in the future, Sertifi can help bolster your hotel or travel business’s sustainability efforts.

The Paperless Office

Businesses in the U.S. alone waste $8 billion managing paper each year. Paperless offices are becoming less of a progressive stance and more of a necessary way to conduct business. Customers look for sustainable companies to do business with, paperless offices are notoriously more efficient in their operations, and going paperless can save companies more than $120 billion a year on printed forms.

The Cost of Doing Business

To conduct business in a distributed world with paper, you’re not just printing an agreement once, but faxing it to a customer, who is then faxing it back. 5-page hotel contracts may be printed 3 times – 15 pages used for a single agreement.

Meanwhile, in a sample of active users, the average Sertifi customer sends 670 authorization forms each year and 1,330 other documents, including contracts and waivers. Those 2,000 agreements for the 7,277 customers sampled just saved 218.3 million sheets of paper – or 26,200 trees – in 12 months.

The Freedom and Security of Digital

Sertifi not only frees users up from paper processes and gets you one giant step closer to a paperless office but allows guests to have a more secure digital experience in signing contracts and sending credit card details. Paperless transactions, digital storage, and eliminating fax and copy machines can save your business significant time and money – and give your sustainability transformation a major boost. 

Automated digital solutions are here to stay and if they are utilized correctly, they can provide aid to the hospitality and travel industries by being the most sustainable way to do business.


An Inside Look at a Guest’s Fax Experience

Doing business shouldn’t be inconvenient or time consuming – yet so many hotels and venues are still relying on paper and fax to capture contracts and payments. Hear straight from a customer their experience. We won't bury the lede: ditch the fax.

About the author

Shawn Gaines

Shawn Gaines is the CMO at Sertifi, where he focuses on finding new growth initiatives and building the best marketing team in hospitality tech. Previously, he led marketing teams at Able and Relativity, helping take the latter from startup to 1,200-person company in less than 10 years. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and is an active nonprofit board member.