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Ways to Accelerate Your Hotel Contract and Event Contract Turnarounds with Sertifi

One of the easiest ways to take great care of your customers is making processes hassle-free for them (which is really a win/win for you, too). In the case of events, this experience starts as soon as a request is made and a contract is in their hands. Read on to learn how Sertifi can help you work more efficiently and get your Ts crossed faster – literally and figuratively.

Increasing Staff Efficiency

Keep files and customer actions in Sertifi, eliminating the risk of customers altering documents without your knowledge or losing track of where you are in the process.

✅ Minimize manual data entry for requests by adding contacts to your Sertifi address book, including your own contact information should you need to be a second signer.

✅ Create a document library by uploading commonly used signature and reference documents. Documents can be private or shared with other users who have access to your portal. 

✅ Add Sertifi data fields to your contracts to collect information and prepopulate specific signature fields based on what tags are used.

✅ In your account profile, check off the “prefill signature fields” option to auto-place your signature and initials.

✅ Use the re-invite signer feature, which allows you to easily resend a previous request without rebuilding it.

Getting Signatures Faster

✅ Send custom-branded communications so customers know what’s coming from you and safe to interact with.

✅ Let customers sign from any device and location, including their mobile device.

✅ Set up reminder rules with your initial request to automatically send reminders and keep customers on track.

✅ Let busy or unavailable customers reassign the primary signer, so the contracting process can move forward even if your main contact is busy or unavailable.

✅ Set up participant rules so signers review and sign in the correct order. You can also carbon copy recipients to keep them informed.

Attach reference documents that don’t need signing to store and share all the necessary files in one step. 


Even better: more than your sales team can take advantage of the benefits of Sertifi’s e-signature solution. With so many components to running a business, the possibilities are endless for how you can use e-signatures:
  • Event contracts
  • Banquet event orders (BEOs)
  • Catering contracts
  • Invoicing and payment-related documents
  • Loyalty program agreements
  • Liability waivers
  • Health screening forms and declarations
  • Work orders
  • Health and safety compliance forms 
  • Employee and contractor paperwork
  • Building leases and acquisition agreements


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