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Ways to Build Your Network as a Hotel Sales Manager

Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. Having a strong presence in your community, building relationships, and growing your network are critical to an effective hotel sales strategy – and consistency and determination are key.

But growing your network should be fun, too! Read on to learn some creative ways to connect with and grow your network of clients, partners, and peers. If you’re a salesperson already engaging in this activity, hit the “share” button at the top or end of this post to share these best practices with someone you think would benefit from them. 

Go Above and Beyond on Social Media

Millions of people are waiting to connect and hear from you on social media – but with millions online, you need to go above and beyond to stand out. It’s not enough to show up; dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day to sharing relevant content, participating in discussions, and requesting to connect with industry experts, travel agents, event planners, and corporate clients.

You can use social media to show off hotel features via photos and virtual tours, promote special offers and contests, share customer testimonials, and get influencers interested in your services. Social media is also an easy way to capture feedback from your clients, showing your interest and care in ensuring they’re having the best experience possible.

Participate in (and Even Host!) Virtual and Live Events

There’s no shortage of educational sessions you can participate in to hone your skills, swap stories, and learn from other experts in the field. Plus, events are a great way to get face-to-face time with key partners like travel agents or event planners.

You should even consider hosting your own educational and/or networking event, giving you another reason to show off your property, services, and skillset. Everyone loves an opportunity to get out of the office or be treated to a well-crafted experience with great food and company.

Celebrate Others 

You’re probably already collecting and leveraging referrals, but are you taking the time to celebrate your clients and partners? Maybe show off a beautiful table scape designed by a local florist or highlight innovative content a corporate client delivered at their user conference. Every event you manage creates opportunities to acknowledge those who helped pull it off – and in turn, they may promote you, too.

Nurturing your relationships is also important. Regularly follow up with contacts with personalized messages about what they’ve been up to or to share content you saw online you thought they might like.

Volunteer for Association-Related Activity 

If you’re not already a member of industry organizations like American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) or Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI), sign up. Your employer may even be willing to cover membership fees. By volunteering for additional responsibility – such as serving as a committee member, getting involved in surveys, or offering to start and lead a unique program for the association – you'll increase your visibility and reach.

Get Published by Top Hospitality Influencers

There are several great publications like Hospitalitynet and Hotel Business you can share content like opinion articles. One free publication is Hotel Speak, where you can publish thought leadership posts at no cost.

Have you checked out the recently named top hospitality influencers and top hospitality podcasts? These are great contacts to follow and connect with. As you build awareness and credibility, you can pitch an idea for how to collaborate with them. Or better yet, they’ll reach out to you!

Make Time for Mentorship

Community building = building relationships and building people up. Seek out a mentor – and make yourself available to mentor others – for comradery and coaching that makes everyone stronger personally and professionally.

Again, consistency and dedication are key to success. Staying active and visible within your field and the industry is the best way to grow your network, build meaningful relationships, and create opportunities to grow your business.


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About the author

Theresa Ellsworth

Theresa Ellsworth is the vice president of sales, regional accounts, at Sertifi. Bringing nearly 20 years of experience in hospitality sales, she plays a vital role in strategically growing Sertifi and helping hospitality businesses around the U.S. succeed with technology.