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What Does It Mean to Be #Sertified?

When you visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, they make a really big deal about The First Class, in 1936, and baseball nerds such as myself can appreciate why – Babe Ruth.  Ty Cobb.  Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson. Not bad company to be in. 

Last week Sertifi launched our #Sertified certification – a credential, and yes, a LinkedIn badge, that we bestowed on 29 of our top users and 6 of our top hotel Front Office teams. They are hospitality, sales and event professionals who were hand-selected because of their engagement, partnership or volume of documents or payments processed through Sertifi, and to us, that makes them experts. Or, as we like to say, #Sertified in our solutions.  

But more than experts, they are a resilient group who made it through a very difficult two years for their industry, and yet, they have persevered, and they have thrived in the most difficult of circumstances. And Sertifi believes that they should be rewarded and celebrated. That’s what we hope to do with #TeamSertified today and as it continues to grow - give them something to brag about on a resume or performance review, grow their skills by sharing our expertise, take them out for happy hours, and ask them how we can make Sertifi even better. 

So congratulations to The Inaugural Class of #TeamSertified – to our version of Babe Ruths - the future General Managers, Sales leaders, Events visionaries, thank you for your embrace of and loyalty to our solutions. We can’t wait to see where you all go next, and we can’t wait to hear from you, because we know you will take us far. 


Team Sertified Mission Statement 

Sertifi’s mission is to help the world finalize business faster – but we can't do it alone.  #TeamSertified is a hand-selected group of super users/rock stars/advocates that help us help your employer.  In turn, our goal is to help you – help you grow as a leader, provide you opportunities to learn, support you wherever your career takes you, and have some fun along the way.  We promise to give more than we ask.