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What is a BEO (Banquet Event Order)?

A banquet event order (BEO) is a document used in event planning to align event coordinators, catering staff, kitchen staff, and oftentimes clients on the details and requirements of an event, particularly those related to food and beverage service. It serves as a critical communication tool, ensuring that everyone involved in the event understands their roles and responsibilities, and that all aspects of the event are executed smoothly.

The Makings of a Good BEO

✅ Event Details
  • Event name and date
  • Start and end times
  • Detailed schedule, including staff arrival times and when different parts of the event will occur
  • Location/venue address and any special instructions (e.g., which entry to use, security restrictions, etc.)

✅ Client & Billing Information
  • Client's name and contact information
  • Client's billing information
  • Pricing, including itemized costs for food, beverages, services, and rentals
  • Payment terms and due dates

✅ Food & Beverage Details
  • Number of expected guests
  • Dietary restrictions or special meal requests for guests
  • Menu items and descriptions
  • Decided service style (e.g., buffet, plated, family style)
  • Beverage service details, including types of drinks and any special instructions (e.g., open bar, cash bar)

✅ Room Setup
  • Layout of tables, chairs, and any other furniture
  • Placement of decorations and signage
  • Special setup requirements (e.g., stage, dance floor, AV equipment)
  • Any additional items or equipment to be rented (e.g., linens, tableware, chairs, etc.)

✅ Audio-Visual & Equipment Requirements
  • Details about any AV equipment needed (e.g., microphones, projectors, screens, etc.)
  • Lighting and sound requirements
  • Technical support contact information (if applicable)

✅ Special Requests & Notes
  • Any specific instructions, special requests, or additional information related to the event

✅ Staffing
  • List of catering and service staff with their roles and responsibilities
  • Contact information for the event coordinator or point of contact
✅ Signature
  • Space for the client or event organizer to review and confirm the details and provide a signature to signify agreement
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