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Why You Should Start Accepting ACH (eCheck) Payments

ACH payments, otherwise known as eChecks, are electronic payments that get transferred between U.S. bank accounts by the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH) network.

Why is ACH the perfect complement to credit card payments?

✅ Cost-Savings

ACH fees are typically .5% compared to credit card processing fees of over 3%. This can result in significant savings, especially on larger transactions like event deposits and final payment.

✅ Customer Convenience

Some customers simply prefer paying directly from their bank accounts. For example, they may not want to incur credit card fees. Offering payment flexibility lets customers pay quickly and hassle-free.

✅ Faster Processing

For the customers who prefer bank transactions, ACH payments clear much faster than traditional paper checks. ACH payments are also typically more accurate and have fewer errors compared to manual check processing.

✅ Increased Security

ACH payments are subject to rigorous security standards, helping to both your business and customers. Every time payment data leaves a system, is sent across an email or fax machine, or simply requires human interaction, there’s a security risk.

How do ACH payments work in Sertifi?

Sertifi ACH payments are powered by leading payment provider Stripe, bringing battle-tested security and user experience to you and your customers.

From the Sertifi payment menu, customers will enter their information, in this case their bank account number and routing number. The experience is completely baked into Sertifi.

Alternatively, customers can agree to connect and log into their bank account to pay. The largest banks are automatically displayed, but customers can search for their bank if needed.

Get a peek at the Sertifi experience:
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