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Agree Faster with Sertifi’s Must-Have BEO Template

A banquet event order (BEO) form outlines the details and requirements of a banquet or event. By using our free BEO template, you can collect all the necessary details and requirements of an event, including:   

  • The schedule of events.   
  • Menu selections.   
  • Audio/Visual requirements.   
  • Room setup preferences.   
  • ...and more!   

Not only does this template keep you organized; it can also act as a guide for the venue staff, catering team, and other event organizers to ensure that all aspects of the event are executed smoothly and according to your client's specifications. 

Even better, your clients will appreciate having an easy way to review and sign off on BEO terms as part of your larger sales process. By using our free BEO template in step with our digital contract and e-signature solution, you can present all signature and reference documents from your Sertifi portal, allowing clients to manage everything from one digital location and respond online anytime, anywhere.  

You’ll also enjoy a simpler workflow that allows your team to cut paper pushing and follow-ups out of the workday, reduce signing turnarounds from weeks to under an hour, and close sales faster. 

Click here to download Sertifi’s BEO template. 


Curious about how you can streamline every corner of your workflow? Check out our Definitive Hotel e-Signature and Event Sales Guide to simplify sales and events.

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Mimi McNulty

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