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Hotel e-Signature & Event Sales Guide

Learn the importance of digitizing and modernizing your workflow with e-signatures

What's Covered
  • The benefits of digitalization
  • Ways to use e-signatures
  • Key considerations for your buying decision


The Benefits of Going Digital

In our recent industry research report, 42% of hotel respondents said that they still use paper and email with handwritten signatures to finalize contracts. For a salesperson, that often results in several unnecessary follow-ups and a lot of time wasted.

For your guest, there’s frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed and inundated with your process. The simple idea of having to print and scan a piece of paper could put them outside of their norm and prompt them to put the task off until later, possibly forgetting to respond altogether until they're nudged by you.

It really comes down to one question: why continue creating extra steps for you and your guests?

The agreements experience is an important first impression, and going digital eliminates pain in many ways.


Working Faster

Let guests find what they need without you. For example, you can link to signature documents like waivers or F&B forms from your website so they can respond when they’re ready, without waiting for you to initiate the process.

Going digital also means you can set up contracts with required fields, ensuring you get all the information you need without any follow-up. Inputs can then automatically push to your sales and catering event systems upon submission, eliminating the need to move around paperwork or manually re-enter information.

Let guests sign contracts as soon as they get your request. Their device type and location don’t matter. Most importantly, no one needs to hunt down a printer or fax machine.

When you’re booking multiple events with multiple signature documents, eliminating back and forth communication can save you a lot of time. A digital solution also makes it easier to notify and collaborate with all the necessary parties at one time.

You can also make it easier for guests to communicate with you via markup and comment functionality. For example, they can easily indicate which part of your contract they have a question about or would like to see changed, you instantly get notified when they’ve posted a note, and you answer and edit the contract, if needed, right away.

Automate your entire agreement process with templated documents and automated email notifications. You can also enhance your communications by telling your guests what’s due and why, reminding them of upcoming deadlines, and alerting them when they’re past due. It's an easy way to keep guests on track without making them feel like they’re being hounded by a salesperson.

An easy to use, automated solution reduces ramp-up time and puts your staff in action faster. This is especially important when your staff is already stretched thin.

A digital solution also lets staff take care of tasks wherever they are, allowing you to broaden your pool of candidates and hire remote employees if needed. Plus, investing in tools that make an employee’s job easier can increase satisfaction and retention, satisfaction that easily transfers into your employees taking better care of your guests.

Get a sneak peek at the Sertifi signing experience, complete with:

✅  Embedded payments to capture deposits.

✅  An integration to Amadeus' Delphi.fdc.

✅  An integration to Infor Sales & Catering.

✅  An integration to CI/TY.

Working Smarter

Create clear and repeatable processes that are easy for staff to learn and execute with little room for error. Go a step further with system integrations. Less system hopping and manual data entry improves departmental communication and handoffs since information is easier to update in real-time and make accessible to everyone at any time.

It also means less complicated system and user management. Securely storing signed documents and receipts is far easier to manage, eliminating paper storage and/or shredding documents.

Nothing is more painful than a breach. A smarter experience eliminates the need to manually gather information from guests and re-enter information across systems – and this isn’t just a time-saver. It's hugely important to keeping your guest’s information secure. Every time information leaves a system, is sent across a fax machine or email, or simply requires human interaction, there’s a security risk.

e-Signature systems also often include secure data storage and encryption features, helping hotels comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Make it easy to give the personalized touch that’s important for your business. You can templatize everything from your documents to email communications – yet create and include personalized messages so guests still feel taken care of in a high-touch way and your staff can put their personal mark on the experience.

Custom branding also assure guests what's coming from you and safe to interact with.​

Technology can always be “on,” even when your staff are sleeping.

e-Signatures align with sustainable practices by minimizing paper consumption, which can be an attractive feature for environmentally conscious guests. e-Signatures also eliminate the need for printing and storing paper documents, which can result in significant cost savings in paper, ink, and storage space.

A smarter experience brings together best-of-breed solutions in an easily deployable, manageable way, giving your guests access to the best experience possible. And as you know, better experiences means positive reviews, free word-of-mouth advertising, and repeat loyal customers.


“Sertifi allows our sales and catering group to collect signed contracts 96% faster. I always have past employees reaching out wanting to use it.”


Ways to Use e-Signatures

With so many components to running a hotel, the possibilities are endless.

  • Event contracts
  • Banquet event orders (BEOs) 
  • Catering contracts 
  • Invoicing and payment-related documents
  • Loyalty program agreements
  • Liability waivers
  • Health screening forms and declarations
  • Work orders
  • Health and safety compliance forms
  • Employee and contractor paperwork
  • Building leases and acquisition agreements


Streamline Requests with Embedded Payments

Signing is just one part of your agreements workflow. Make your process even more convenient and frictionless for guests by letting them securely submit payments as they're signing a contract.

Finding the Right Solution

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

✅  User and Mobile Friendly

The solution should be easy and frictionless for both your staff and guests, and you should be able to modernize your workflow by letting guests sign anytime, anywhere, from any device.

✅  Integrated

Verify whether the solution is securely integrated with your hotel's sales and catering solution and other systems.

✅  Customizable

Look for options to customize the e-signature process to align with your hotel's branding, such as adding your logo and crafting personalized messages.

✅  Legally Compliant

Ensure the solution meets legal requirements for electronic signatures and is compliant with relevant laws and regulations, including GDPR.

✅  Secure

Look for robust security practices, such as data encryption, detailed audit trails, and security certifications.

Empower your sales team to get signed contracts back 90% faster with Sertifi.

It's time to modernize your workflows and ditch paper for good. With Sertifi, you and your clients can enjoy a convenient, secure digital experience that gets you signed and complete contracts in minutes.