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Sertifi e-Signatures: Sign Your Way to Success

sign-to-successAutomation is the secret to success in the hospitality industry. Now more than ever, hotels are adopting technology that lets them implement efficient workflows and easily support their guests and employees anywhere, anytime. 

One digital solution brands have already been eager to adopt is the e-signature. A study by airSlate Research states that as a result of the pandemic, the number of businesses that have started using e-signatures since the end of 2021, has increased by 50%, a number that’ll just keep growing. The ability to capture signatures online allows hotels to embrace efficiency and prioritize their guests and employees. With travel back in full swing and more staff working in hybrid or remote conditions, going digital is invaluable. It means replacing insecure, paper-based systems that require time and patience from both guests and staff. By replacing these cumbersome workflows with e-signatures and payments, hotels can instantly streamline their agreement processes and cut down document handling costs by at least 80%, regaining time that can be reinvested elsewhere. 

Brands that use e-signatures also have more time to focus on growth and revenue. By using e-signatures, employees have more time left in their workday to focus on more complex and demanding tasks. For example, customer support agents and front desk workers can spend more time assisting guests in person, while managers and marketing personnel can spend their time building strategies to attract future guests. 

Time and efficiency also increase levels of customer satisfaction and personalization. 73% of guests want to minimize contact with hotel staff and are using indirect forms of communication, such as online forms to plan and pay for experiences. This then results in elevated foot traffic and a boost in revenue. 

Recent technological advancements and digitalization have made doing business online a security risk for many companies and their employees. According to an article published in Business Matters, e-signatures are actually the most practical, cost-effective, and legally valid way to complete transactions and identity verification while avoiding any type of security breach. By using e-signatures, brands can prove the authenticity of a document, allow guests and employees to sign documents like hotel contracts in real time, ensure that communication between the two parties is valid, and protect personal information within the document. These actions reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions, forged signatures, document misplacement, and stolen information while allowing brands to achieve increased transparency, protection against fraud, and enhanced integrity.  

An e-signature solution is more than a tool used to sign documents online. It’s a digital solution that allows hotel guests and employees to access the right tools at the right time, increasing efficiency, brand growth, and fraud prevention. By using e-signatures within the Sertifi platform, companies can expect team efficiency rates to increase by 90%, illustrating the effectiveness of the multifaceted tool. 

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