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SertifiPay Continues Growing as Premier Payment Processor for Event & Group Business

As the developers of hospitality-tailored and proprietary payment processor, SertifiPay, we're proud to partner with leading hospitality brands and management companies to deliver more efficient, cost-effective payment workflows for event and group business.

Smarter Workflows, Increased Savings

By switching to SertifiPay, merchants such as hoteliers no longer need to key-enter cards at the front desk, eliminating penalty fees from the card brands (schemes).

In just the past year, SertifiPay customers have saved $1.81 million by reducing card fees. Since Sertifi’s launch of ACH (eCheck) payments in August 2023, customers have saved an additional $1.92 million by converting what would’ve traditionally been card transactions to ACH transactions.

With a digital, PCI-compliant method to process event payments, merchants are also able to significantly reduce their chargeback risk by enabling strong prevention methods, such as 3-D Secure.

Celebrating Our Users

Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on SertifiPay to:

✅ Process real-time payments 90% faster alongside contracts for e-signature.

✅ Keep track of payment schedules, deposits, and post-event charges with ease. 

✅ Reduce processing fees by accepting ACH (eCheck) in addition to card payments. 

✅ Reduce chargebacks with expert consultancy – plus SertifiPay customers get hands-on support if a dispute arises.

Earlier this year, Sertifi announced their #1 position on Hotel Tech Report’s Global Best Payment Processing Software list in the 2024 HotelTechAwards, an honor primarily based on user reviews.

“Sertifi is a huge timesaver, especially since we can work directly from our sales and catering software. Having Sertifi as the secure payment and contract signature platform linked directly to our blocks eliminates several steps in our process. Additionally, payments are now going directly to the PM accounts via confirmation from Sertifi to our PMS, which saves our accounting manager time and additional effort having to track down the information, find the PM account, and post payments.” – Sonesta Suites Scottsdale Gainey Ranch

“In one year, ACH saved us over $9,000 in unnecessary credit card commissions. We've also seen shortened turnarounds and created more time for other revenue-generating activity.” – Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center

“In addition to cost reduction, SertifiPay has been a gamechanger in terms of processing times. Because clients have an easy, secure way to send us their payment information, we don’t need to follow up as often. What used to take weeks now takes days.” – The Coeur d'Alene Golf & Spa Resort

“Sertifi is such a timesaver and has eliminated several manual steps from our process. Since rollout, we’ve set up schedules for all future deposits, so 100% of our bookings are now automated! Clients are responding faster, and we’re having to follow up less.” – Toll House Hotel

“Sertifi has greatly improved how our sales team handles document signing and payment collection. The platform is very user-friendly and makes processes efficient, saving time and improving client satisfaction. We especially love the integrated payment feature, which lets us manage transactions easily in one place.” – Semiahmoo Resort

“Sertifi is intuitive and makes tracking signatures and deposits seamless. I love that I can enter multiple deposits, and Sertifi will automatically remind my clients when they have a payment due. It is such a time saver!” – Sage Lodge


We're proud to celebrate the momentum behind SertifiPay and the meaningful results our customers have seen by adopting. To learn more about Sertifi’s payment solutions, click here or get in touch by completing the form:

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