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Single Portal Setup: Maximizing Productivity with Sertifi's Next-Generation Platform


There’s nothing more valuable to our users than time, and from day one, Sertifi’s goal has been to help users enjoy a more efficient agreement experience.

With our next-generation agreements platform and reimagined user experience, we've made it easier than ever to sign documents, make payments, and send credit card authorizations – all wrapped up in a modern design tailor-made for hospitality and travel users. This means spending less time on processes and having more time in your day to focus on what matters most: your customers.

A lesser-known benefit of moving to our next-generation platform is the consolidation of portals, which lets you easily streamline staff and tasks into one:


Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

✅ Less Administrative Burden and Staff Confusion

Let staff create and view agreement or authorization requests from a single Sertifi portal.

✅ More Administrative Control

Restrict user access to only areas of the portal they need. For example, upon logging in, only let your front desk staff see authorization options for room reservations and your sales staff see agreement options for event contracts.

✅ More Complete Reporting

See the full picture of staff and guest activity.

✅ Easier Turnover Management

Don’t accidentally lose access to a portal if a staff member leaves.

✅ Faster Support

Let Sertifi jump in faster with a more straightforward portal setup.

Plus, payment protection is still included.

We know your staff manages sensitive payment information. That’s why no Sertifi user can view payment information by default. All users, including Super Admins, must be added to the appropriate security group in order to view payment information.


Interested in seeing the full power of Sertifi’s next-generation platform? We're ready to show you the possibilities.

About the author

Peter Laspas

Peter Laspas is the manager of customer success at Sertifi. As a service-oriented leader, he's passionate about building relationships and helping users enjoy a more efficient, seamless agreement experience.