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The Sertifi next-generation agreements platform is here.


Our reimagined user experience makes it easier than ever to sign documents, make payments, and send credit card authorizations – all wrapped up in a modern design tailor-made for hospitality and travel users.

Get more time in your day to focus on what matters most: your customers.

Less Time on Process

Get more done faster with:

Fewer clicks and less menu hopping.

Improved search functionality.

Actionable insights from a new dashboard and detailed reporting.

Finalize forms faster with e-forms.

e-Forms let you customize your forms for any situation and present a more modern, mobile-friendly signing experience to your customers.


Less Time Chasing Down Agreements and Payments

Simplify your customer’s experience and close business faster with:

Clearer portal navigation and task assignments.

Automatic reminders and customized notifications.

Form auto-fill functionality and document markup tools.

The ability for customers to upload their own documents.

In-portal messaging.


Less Time Onboarding Your Team Members

Help staff get up and running quickly with:

Simpler workflows and portal setups.

Tooltips to identify the right actions.

Hospitality-specific terminology across the platform.

New and improved on-demand  training resources.


Ready to maximize your time and productivity? Let's get in touch.


Already a customer?

Our success team is ready to help you migrate. Please drop us a line at [email protected] that you are interested in using our next-generation experience, and we’ll reach out.


New to Sertifi?

Use the form to get in touch. Our sales team would be happy to give you an in-depth look at our platform and answer your questions about features, pricing, and more.

Release FAQ

While our existing platform has helped over 17,000 close business more efficiently, you and your customers deserve the very best. Our new UI will help you present a more modern experience for your customers. The platform not only looks more modern but is built on a better infrastructure which will allow us to continue to improve and iterate more quickly to meet your ever-changing needs.

Yes, everything you can do in Sertifi today will still be available in our new experience, plus even more.

Yes, there are new features including, e-forms, streamlined workflow options, a dashboard to help you focus on open tasks, one-click signatures, and more.

At this time, we’re focusing on releasing our new experience and beginning the gradual process of migrating our existing customers. We’re excited for you to experience the new UI, but you are not required to change platforms at this time.

No, the terms of your existing subscription will not change.

We’re glad to hear it! Please contact us to confirm your eligibility and set up a time to switch your portal to the new experience.

Many larger brands require a formal internal process of testing and training prior to any of their portals switching to the new experience. To confirm eligibility, please contact us.

We love hearing your product feedback and take it very seriously. Please share your thoughts at our ideas portal.