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Sertifi Workflow Recipe: e-Forms


Sertifi’s next-generation platform is full of new features all designed to bring ease to your workday. As part of the release, we’re introducing e-forms and a brand-new resource library that allows users to build and customize digital forms based on the task at hand.

Using e-forms, your customers can easily sign off on agreed upon terms and provide payment information in a secure manner using the same solution with which you authorize their payment card, consolidating the process and saving time for everyone involved.

In this short video series, I'm walking you through how it works.

To watch the complete demo, click here to jump to the end of the post.

Once you identify requirements and the type of form you’ll need to execute your process, it’s time to set up the form and send it to your customer.

After a customer receives the form, all they have to do is complete each field, electronically sign the document, and provide their payment information.

Now that the form is filled out, your customer’s payment card is ready to be authorized in a PCI-compliant manner. You’ll be given a fraud score based on the activity associated with the card and the information provided by the customer.

The final step is marking the task as "processed."

And that’s it!

Sertifi’s e-forms and resource library are just two features included in our reimagined user experience that cater to modern-day business processes. Let e-forms help you streamline your workflow, organize your customers, keep track of your documents, and stay on top of where you are in your agreement and payment processes.

Watch and share the complete e-forms demo:


Sertifi Next-Generation Agreements Platform

The new e-form document format is just one exciting update we’re delivering with our next-generation agreements platform. Sign up for our upcoming platform demo to learn all the ways Sertifi can create more time in your day to focus on what matters most: your customers.

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Amy Inouye

Amy Inouye is the product marketing manager at Sertifi. In collaboration with Sertifi teams and our customers, she guides the development and release of product updates.