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The Growth of B2B Events (and Using Automation to Keep Up)

Event business isn't just past recovery for most B2B companies. It's booming again.

As 2023 comes to a close, now is a great time to reevaluate your planning processes – and how well technology and automation are supporting them – so you and your business can thrive in 2024.

All Signs Point to Growth

In a recent survey completed by over 4,000 event organizers, several stats indicated an expected growth in in-person meetings and events next year.

80.4% of event organizers identify in-person events as their organization’s most impactful marketing channel.

Source: Bizzabo, The Events Industry’s Top Marketing Statistics, Trends, and Data

86.4% of organizers plan to maintain or increase the number of in-person events in 2024 compared to 2023.

Source: Bizzabo, The Events Industry’s Top Marketing Statistics, Trends, and Data

78% of attendees agree or strongly agree that in-person B2B conferences offer the best networking opportunities, underscoring the value of personal connections in driving business growth and collaboration.

Source: Bizzabo, New Report: The State of In-person B2B Conferences Unveils Attendee & Organizer Insights


Still sending contracts and collecting deposits separately? Sertifi automates and secures your entire workflow so you can sign contracts and collect event deposits in one easy step.

Give your customers a great first impression by letting them sign contracts and submit a payment from any location and device. Plus, save time with automated reminders, collaboration tools, and more.

Sustaining Growth with Automation

It takes a lot to get from A to Z in event planning. Automating even the smallest of tasks can free you up to use your time in more meaningful ways (and those are usually the easiest, cheapest tasks to automate, too).

Recent survey results show there's an appetite for increased technology use in event planning.

53% of event organizers agree that decreasing budgets are the biggest challenge they face when planning events.

Plus, 31% would increase the use of technology if given a 10% budget increase.

Source: Skift Meetings, Top Meetings Industry Statistics – GMID 2023 Edition

62.9% of attendees saying they expect in-person conferences to use modern technology.

And it's expected across all facets of the experience, from planning and early communication to how meetings and events are conducted onsite.

Source: Bizzabo, New Report: The State of In-person B2B Conferences Unveils Attendee & Organizer Insights

Integrations was the third highest frustration with event technology following engagement and cost.

Source: Skift Meetings, State of Business Events


Save thousands in payment processing fees every month.

Make good on your investment by letting customers pay via ACH (eCheck) – a card alternative that’s still convenient for them but less costly to you. Sertifi customers are saving thousands on a monthly basis since ACH fees are typically .5% compared to credit card processing fees of over 3%.

Seamlessly integrate with Amadeus Delphi.fdc.

Sertifi integrates with solutions like Amadeus' Delphi.fdc, giving your team a seamless and secure way to push event details and payment information captured from Sertifi directly to your sales and catering platform. Not only does this eliminate manual steps and risk of error-prone manual data entry; information is also kept secure, lowering your risk of a breach and fraud.

Sertifi’s helped 18,500+ unique organizations increase productivity and sales with our e-signature and payment solutions. Let’s chat to see how you can create greater efficiency and security in your sales processes while reducing costs.

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