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Why You Need a Hospitality e-Signature Solution to Drive Value

An e-signature solution may seem like a nice-to-have – but with the value-adds, combined with the low cost of a Sertifi subscription, it should be a must-have in your hospitality technology stack. Here’s why...

✅ Convenient Customer Experience

e-Signatures are much more user friendly since your customers can sign documents anytime, anywhere, from any device. This makes the process highly accessible and reduces the need for physical paperwork, manual steps like printing, scanning, or faxing, and in-person time. Any time you can make a process simpler you should, since any inconvenience could result in customer abandonment.

“Sertifi is very easy to use and secure. It is quick and our clients seem to have no trouble when signing their documents.” – FRONT DESK MANAGER, DOUBLETREE LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN

✅ Efficiency and Error Reduction  

With a streamlined, automated signing process, your customers can turn around signed documents much faster. In fact, many Sertifi clients have seen a 90% faster turnaround – with signed documents coming back in less than a day, sometimes even within minutes of sending.

Here are some reasons why:

  • When necessary, the original signer can easily change who's singing by entering the correct signer's email address and automatically forwarding the agreement to them, versus having to contact you to do it.

  • Automatic reminders keep your customers on track without you spending countless hours following up, creating more time to spend on revenue-generating tasks.

  • Digital documents make it much easier to collaborate on changes and make sure your customers aren’t sneaking anything in unexpectedly. You can eliminate the need to re-PDF documents with changes, and enforce permissions to keep customers from editing documents on their own.

  • Digital documents can include required fields to make sure you get what you need the first try. Audit trails also provide a comprehensive record of who signed a document, when, and from where.

“I was so happy when our sales department began using Sertifi. This is the most efficient way to get a contract signed and returned quickly. Clients love it, it reduces my admin time, and helps me close my sales goals faster.” – SENIOR CATERING SALES MANAGER, SHERATON GRAND SEATTLE

✅ Versatility and End-to-End Workflows

Sertifi is your one-stop shop. You can easily integrate e-signatures into your existing workflows, and e-signatures can be applied to various types of documents, making them suitable for a range of use cases. For example, you can send and sign authorization forms and other documents simultaneously, plus attach reference documents that don't require signature (seating chart, menu, directions, etc.).

Go a step further and embed payments into your contracting process, giving you a secure, fast way to collect an event deposit at the time of signing.

Integrations to other critical systems, such as Delphi.fdc and Salesforce CPQ, save you time and remove the risk of human error and fraud.

“I have used Sertifi for years in previous positions and was so excited to hear when we were testing it here at my castle! Sertifi has drastically improved how I operate. The user-friendly system sends auto-email reminders to sign and pay, so I don't have to follow up or chase people down.” –GROUP SALES MANAGER, MEDIEVAL TIMES SCOTTSDALE

✅ Industry-Leading Security

Sertifi safeguards your customer’s information and drastically reduces your risk of a breach through a combination of ongoing certification and leading security technologies. For example, encryption protects all information flows and communication, and signer authentication ensures the integrity and authenticity of signed documents.

“Sertifi greatly accelerated the time it takes to get contracts signed and event deposits paid, while keeping the safety of our guests’ personal information top of mind.” – NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, TOPGOLF

✅ Cost-Savings and Increased Sustainability

Sertifi customers have reduced their administrative costs, such as printer paper, toner, and paper storage, by 50% or more. Plus, reducing paper consumption helps decrease your carbon footprint, something many hotel and venue patrons are becoming more conscious of.

“Moving to Sertifi's paperless agreement platform has allowed our team to cut back on our paper consumption by over 1,000 sheets per week. This aligns with our sustainability goals while also saving on paper and printing costs.” – SALES MANAGER, EMBASSY SUITES BY HILTON INDIANAPOLIS DOWNTOWN

Get a sneak peek at the Sertifi signing experience:

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