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“Revenge Travel” and Keeping Up with Demand at the Holidays


Between lifted border restrictions, higher vaccination rates, and an all-around eagerness to return to normal life, the hospitality and travel industry has finally been hit with what’s known as “revenge buying.” Consumers are making up for lost time and going on spending sprees, including booking trips for business and pleasure (oftentimes blending them). It’s great news for an industry in recovery, but the industry isn’t just recovering financially. Existing staff shortages are still a reality making it difficult to keep up with consumer demand.

Technology can have a huge impact on your operational effectiveness and ability sustain demand with a limited staff. Whether you’re new to Sertifi or already part of our customer community, here are some ways Sertifi can help you keep up during a particularly hectic time: the holidays.

Embedded Forms

Sertifi’s embedded forms feature helps you cut out the back-and-forth correspondence between you and your potential customers. Any form uploaded to Sertifi can be embedded into a webpage on your site. Link to the page in your site’s navigation, email signature, or other location, and let your customers come to you with requests for gift cards, amenities, pet policy agreements, and more. Once they complete and submit the form online, you’ll get notified in your Sertifi portal.

Check out how quickly Nemacolin Resort is getting forms back and generating revenue:

Fraud Scoring

At the height of travel activity, fraudsters have a lot of opportunity to take advantage of consumers and businesses. Chargebacks aren’t just a hit on your revenue; disputing chargebacks takes time away from taking care of your paying customers.

Sertifi helps you put your time and money to better use. Platform security aside, Sertifi’s advanced fraud tools make it easy to detect fraud early and avoid costly chargebacks. A card’s risk level is graded from A to F, plus you’ll get detailed reporting alongside the grade, so you can feel confident in accepting transactions and reduce the burden of chargebacks.

Reminder Rules & Re-Invites

How much of your day is spent following up for e-signatures and payments? Probably more than necessary. Sertifi has a couple small but mighty features that can help when you’re short-staffed and every minute counts.

Sertifi’s reminder rules feature lets you set up reminders with your initial request and automatically send them later. You can choose to have a reminder go out based on the number of days you first sent a request or the number of days before a document expiration or payment due date.

You can also use the re-invite signer feature, which allows you to easily resend a request to contacts. In just a couple clicks, you can re-email them the documents they need to sign or the payment they need to make without having to create a new request or hunt down emails in your inbox.

Repeatable Actions

Many Sertifi features create efficiency by letting you rinse and repeat common actions. For example:

  • Create a document library by uploading commonly used signature and reference documents. Documents can be private or shared with other users who have access to your portal.
  • Minimize manual data entry for requests by adding contacts to your Sertifi address book, including your own contact information should you need to be a second signer.
  • In your account profile, check off the “prefill signature fields” option to automatically pull in your signature and initials.


Ready to see the full power of the platform?

These features are just the beginning. We'd love to show you all the ways Sertifi can create a better experience for you and your customers.

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