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Sertifi’s Next-Generation Agreements Platform Is Here


There’s nothing more valuable to our users than time. This sentiment resonates now more than ever as you manage an influx of business with a smaller staff and higher demand for convenience from your customers.

From day one, Sertifi’s goal has been to help users enjoy a more efficient agreement experience, and we’re excited to announce the latest advancement toward that outcome: our next-generation agreements platform.

Our reimagined user experience makes it easier than ever to sign documents, make payments, and send credit card authorizations – all wrapped up in a modern design tailor-made for hospitality and travel users. This means spending less time on processes and having more time in your day to focus on what matters most: your customers.

I sat down with our co-CEOs, John and Nick Stojka, to chat about the release: the impact they think it’ll have, how users like you helped shape the release, and what about the reimagined experience they’re most excited about.

Amy Inouye: Let’s start at the beginning. Why did Sertifi decide to embark on this journey?

John Stojka: It really goes back to the fundamental commitment we have to our users to deliver the best agreement experience possible. When they’re working in our platform, they should feel confident they’re working in a best-in-breed, modern solution. We process more contracts and payments than any other hospitality platform, so we felt it was time to systematically revisit the experience and identify ways to deliver even more value to the 17,500+ unique organizations using our platform.

Nick Stojka: We also architected a new foundation to innovate and build new features faster in the future, so we can continue to deliver more value on a consistent basis.

AI: What impact do you think this release will have?

NS: It’s certainly going to help our direct customers like hoteliers work more efficiently. We’ve made task management all-around easier. By extension, our customers’ customers will enjoy a more efficient experience, too. For example, we redesigned the platform to be more mobile-friendly for them. Ultimately, everyone’s able to get from point A to Z even faster, so you’ll see business close even faster.

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Also, with an even simpler experience – paired with the security only a digital solution can bring – we hope this release makes it easier for our industry to embrace digitalization and transform how they’re finalizing business. Technology adoption has historically been slow in this space, but getting a contract signed or making a payment shouldn’t be a roadblock for a modern business. We want to empower our customers to offer the best tools that enhance their own customers’ experience.

AI: What role did our customers play in shaping the release?

NS: It was always important to get feedback from the people who’ll be using the new platform on a regular basis. For example, we launched a pilot program in which customers could try new workflows and features and have an honest conversation with us about their experience. It wasn’t just about hearing positive feedback; we wanted to better understand their needs and barriers to design an experience most valuable to them.

JS: We also want this feedback loop to continue post-release. In fact, we recently launched a new ideas portal, so if you’re reading, please check it out and submit any feedback you have for us. We’d love to hear from you.

AI: We’re all excited to make the entire agreement experience more seamless for everyone, but what new feature are you most excited about?

NS: I’m excited about e-forms. This new format lets you brand and customize your forms depending on how you’re using them, and it’ll also be more mobile-friendly for signers. We think this’ll dramatically cut down the time it takes to set up and complete requests even more.

Sertifi e-Forms



JS: I’m excited for the simplifications we made to accessing e-confirmations. Our e-confirmations network is growing, but so many more hotel users could be tapping into this free, built-in way to accept travel confirmations and ultimately make the check-in experience more seamless for their guests. e-Confirmations are now listed alongside your credit card authorizations, so it’ll be much more apparent when a new confirmation comes into your portal.

Sertifi e-Confirmations & Credit Card Authorizations



AI: To close us out, is there anything else you’d like to share?

NS: On behalf of us both, I’d like to thank all our teams for the hard work and dedication they put into getting our next-generation platform off the ground. I also want to thank all the customers who took time out of their busy day to sit down with us and share their feedback. We’re proud to play a role in building better experiences for you and really excited to get this release in your hands.



Our team's happy to walk you through the new experience.

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Amy Inouye

Amy Inouye is the product marketing manager at Sertifi. In collaboration with Sertifi teams and our customers, she guides the development and release of product updates.