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Serving Up Efficiency During Peak Wedding Season


Last Updated: April 2024 

When it’s showtime on the big day, event and sales managers are working as fast-paced, well-oiled machines. Especially during wedding season, you wear a lot of hats, are constantly multitasking, and are usually working on-the-go, sometimes without a dedicated workspace (if you know, you know 👀). 

Curating a successful event takes a partnership between you and the happy couple. With your guidance, they have to make a lot of decisions, and you have to take certain actions to move the planning process forward – but getting them to respond in a timely manner can oftentimes be a roadblock to success. 

By digitizing office-related tasks, you can make your work life much less stressful and much more manageable, not to mention other benefits like happier clients and faster sales. Sertifi is here to help. 

Agreements Made Easy


✖️ DON’T 

Use paper-based processes, such as emailing contracts for printing or faxing or collecting payment information over the phone for manual entry. This can prolong your process and add extra tasks to a bride's already-full plate. 



Use a digital solution like Sertifi, which lets you send your couple a single request, and they can sign and pay online from wherever they are. Even if they’re in the middle of something when they see your request come in, it’s easy to stop and respond, then go about their day. 



By using this free Banquet Event Order (BEO) template, you can collect all the necessary details and requirements of an event like: 

  • The schedule of events. 
  • Menu selections. 
  • Audio/Visual requirements. 
  • Room setup preferences. 
  • ...and more! 

Not only does this template keep you organized; it can also act as a guide for the venue staff, catering team, and other event organizers to ensure that all aspects of the event are executed smoothly and according to the client's specifications. 

Payments Made Easy


✖️ DON’T 

Collect payment information over email, phone, or fax, then key-enter it at your front desk. These are not only risky communication methods for sensitive data like credit card information; you’re also penalized for key-entering with higher processing fees. Oftentimes, the card will even get declined because the card issuer assumes it’s being used fraudulently.  



An ecommerce solution like Sertifi can help you avoid penalty fees and declines, plus meet PCI compliancy with ease. Information is quickly collected using an online form, then every card number, expiration date, and type get tokenized for protection. You can also enable 3-D Secure (3DS), an authentication method that keeps your client safe and even shifts chargeback liability to the card issuer, drastically reducing your chargeback risk. 

It really comes down to this: if you can’t make signing a contract or making a payment as easy as possible, you risk your clients questioning what else will be more difficult than necessary. By digitizing and automating your workflows, you’re creating a safety net to support the fast-paced, well-oiled machine that you need to be to stay successful. 


With a more convenient signature and payment process, your clients will thank you with 90% faster turnarounds. Interested in learning more about how Sertifi helps hotels and venues succeed? 

About the author

Mimi McNulty

Mimi McNulty is a Marketing Generalist at Sertifi. While she makes a point to have a pulse on all things Sertifi, Mimi is responsible for the company's social media channels, event coordination, and blog. She also assists with content creation, creative marketing, content strategy, and internal marketing ventures. Mimi is a communication enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and media relations.