Sertifi | Sertifi eAuthorize for Payments and Future Billing
Sertifi eAuthorize allows you to rapidly and securely collect authorization forms online from your customers. At the time of capture, customer payments are verified instantly. All payment data is secure and tokenized. Sertifi eAuthorize offers secure, fully digital solutions for future billing.
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About Sertifi eAuthorize

Technology-driven solutions that bring ease to payment authorizations and future billing.


100% freedom from slow paper processes & help avoid expensive chargebacks!

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Increase Security & PCI Compliance

With paper payment authorization forms floating around the office, the PCI liability and risk is simply too great! Boost security and compliance to protect yourself and your customers from data breaches.

Help Prevent Expensive Chargebacks

Complete audit trails including signed authorization forms using eSignatures, CVV verification, and user validation help avoid burdensome and costly chargebacks.

Go Digital & Abolish Paper Processes

Fully digitize your paper authorization forms and abolish paper build up in the office. Add that final touch with your company's unique branding and fully customizable forms.

Build Trust & Credibility

Allow your customers to effortlessly and securely pay online always with peace of mind. This means you won't disrupt their always-on-the-go, paperless lifestyle. It's mobile friendly and complete ease, every time.

“It’s valid payments and happy customers every time.”

Technology for Future Billing

Smooth, connected, fully digital processes that allow you to capture payment data through advanced tokenization for future billing. Collect data and bill customers with the utmost security and convenience so you can run and grow your business.

Validate Payments in Real Time – Always with Strong Security and Integrations on Your Side

Rapidly and securely collect payment authorization forms electronically, while giving your customers a completely branded experience using your company logo and branding. At the time of online capture, the payment is instantly verified. Authorization forms are secure and payment data is tokenized. Not to mention, the mobile-friendly view makes it a breeze for customers to complete on the fly.


User management tools and permissions include two-factor authentication and IP address restrictions. Seamless integrations are available to push data directly into the world’s leading billing systems, PMS systems like Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA, and other back-end systems for future billing. Accounting groups everywhere thrive when using Sertifi eAuthorize because it doesn’t change their current processes, it only speeds them up!

What’s Included?


  • Unlimited Users
  • Access to Easy-to-Use Portal
  • Mobile Friendly, Custom Branded Experience
  • eSignature Capabilities on Authorization Forms
  • Signed Authorizations Stored for up to 1 Year
  • Secure Payment Validation Every Time
  • Card Verification including CVV (Optional AVS)
  • Card Tokenization and Future Billing Capabilities
  • User Administration and Permissions and Tracking and Reporting
  • Optional Add-On: Oracle Hospitality Validated OPERA Integration

Happy Customers, Real Results

"Sertifi allows us to get back to what we do best which is being on the floor with our customers ensuring their events are an absolute success!"


"We save hours of work for every group that comes through our doors. On average, we collect signed contracts and initial deposits and payments within just 4 hours, 98 percent faster than using the previous labor-intensive process."


"The tight integration of Zuora, Salesforce, Drawloop, and Sertifi created a turnkey solution for us, transforming the way we close deals and onboard clients."


"Sertifi allows our Sales & Catering group to collect signed contracts 96% faster & capture customer payments within one day!"


"Sertifi allows our Sales & Catering group to collect signed contracts 96% faster & capture customer payments within one day!"