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Simplifying and Securing Business with Sertifi: 2023 Highlights

With 2023 in the books, we’ve been taking time to reflect on the progress our industry’s made and the amazing work of our community from the past year.
At the heart of all this activity is you: the people adopting and innovating solutions to create new business, keep up with demand, and exceed the expectations of your guests.

We’re grateful our clients and partners trust us with their most valuable asset: their own customer relationships. When Sertifi succeeds, it means we’re succeeding together. We wanted to celebrate a few ways our users delivered better experiences with Sertifi in 2023.


Sage Hospitality used Sertifi to let guests sign contracts and submit payments online, reducing the turnaround by over 75%.

“It's an industry standard now. If you're not doing it, you have higher potential for lost opportunity.”


Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia started a hybrid work model, creating a new business need: a more efficient, secure way to communicate and finalize business from anywhere. Sertifi was the right solution to help them stay productive and take great care of guests from any location.

“Our process was much more manual before Sertifi. Now it’s much easier to respond quickly and take great care of our clients – especially those in different time zones.”


Live! Casino Pittsburg rolled out Sertifi to give staff and guests an easier way finalize contracts, payments, and authorizations.

“Sertifi has been a huge timesaver and a must-have for business. It is user friendly and enables us to track payments and outstanding balances with ease.”


Amtrav partnered with Sertifi to ensure the secure delivery of card information to hotels, creating a seamless arrival for business travelers.

“We’re always looking for options for customers to make secure, reliable hotel payments. Sertifi is hugely valuable in that card numbers are securely delivered to hotels and only viewable by the necessary staff.”


After a seamless authorizations rollout, as well as early success with e-signatures for properties using Amadeus Delphi.fdc, Concord extended their use of Sertifi to property sales staff, offering a seamless way to capture contract e-signatures from any device and location.

“We believe in working with owners to create the best experience. Digitizing the signing process, along with Sertifi’s integrations to Delphi.fdc and Envision, will help staff work more efficiently and securely, while making it much easier for guests to sign.”


Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort rolled out Sertifi to give guests a more secure method to provide payment information, as well as decrease the time it takes to get signed contracts and completed credit card authorization forms back.

“Sertifi has been an essential tool in my everyday work life. It’s crucial for the guests I work with to have confidence and trust that their personal information is safe with me, and Sertifi gives everyone peace of mind!”

Sertifi runs on hospitality and the impact our clients and partners make in our industry. We’re proud to be a part of a network giving customers across the globe a great experience from the start. We wish our entire community a happy, productive new year – and can’t wait for what’s in store in 2024.


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About the author

Amy King

Amy King is the director of brand and content marketing at Sertifi. In collaboration with teams across and outside of Sertifi, she guides brand and creative marketing, content strategy, public relations, and community engagement.