Sertifi | Zuora & Sertifi Working in Tandem for Subscription Businesses
With Sertifi and Zuora, companies around the world are becoming frictionless businesses. Hear straight from an unconventional VP share his experience using the unique integration to capture signed agreements and secure client payments within moments vs days.
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Zuora & Sertifi Working in Tandem for Subscription Businesses

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Most businesses are familiar with eSignatures and the benefits that come along with them. However, for many Subscription Businesses that utilize Zuora for their billing and subscription needs the “traditional” eSignature simply doesn’t cut it! There’s a missing link when it comes to seamlessly and securely collecting customer payments.


Sertifi as the Missing Link for Subscription Businesses


We’ve integrated Zuora’s hosted payment technology into our closing solution so that Zuora users can quickly and easily capture customer eSignatures and payments together, online. This means no more exposed payment data, re-keying payment data, or inconvenienced customers. Customers can sign and pay in a jiffy!


A Global Software Company Shares Its Experience


Hear from an unconventional VP at Millennium Systems International share his experience using Zuora and Sertifi to capture signed agreements and PCI compliant customer payments, while streamlining the entire onboarding process and delivering service promptly.

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