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Q&A on Sertifi for Amadeus’ Advanced Module

Learn more about our partnership with Amadeus. 

Last month we listened in on an informative webinar led by Bethany Daniels, National Account Executive for Sertifi, and Janine Kniola, Sales Engineer for Amadeus, on how Amadeus and Sertifi work seamlessly together to provide Frictionless Business to hospitality organizations by incorporating eSignatures and online payment capture capabilities directly within Amadeus Sales and Event Management – Advanced. They had the opportunity to interview Sage Hospitality’s Manager of Sales Systems, Reporting and Analytics, Jose Soto-Mendigorin.

Jose was able to share how the country’s top hospitality management company utilizes the Sertifi button inside the Advanced Module to:

  • Go digital while enhancing security and PCI compliance
  • Offer guests ease with a convenient way to sign and pay
  • Boost employee satisfaction and on-the-job efficiency with a smooth, integrated process for contracts and payments

What is the cost of Sertifi?

Sertifi offers three products: Sertifi Closing Pro starting at $150 per month per organization which includes 5 users and unlimited eSignature requests, Sertifi Closing Pro+ starting at $250 per month per organization which includes 5 users, unlimited eSignature requests, and up to 1K payment requests with the option to purchase more, and, finally, Sertifi eAuthorize starting at $105 per month per organization which includes up to 500 payment authorizations per year with the option to purchase more authorizations.

How much does it cost to add this feature?

Sertifi Closing Pro for Amadeus’ Advanced Module costs $1,080/yr:

  • Includes up to 3 users
  • Unlimited contracts
  • Access to portal
  • Additional users added for $360/yr ($30/mo)
  • Add 1K payment requests for $1,200 (Sertifi Closing Pro+ for eSignatures and Payments)

How long does the integration process take?

Deployment timeframes: Sertifi Closing Pro: 1 – 3 weeks, Sertifi eAuthorize: 1 – 3 weeks, and Sertifi Closing Pro+: up to 4 weeks.

Can you log into Sertifi directly and not through Amadeus?

Yes, all Sertifi customers (including Amadeus Hospitality Advanced users) have access to their own Sertifi Portal. The portal is branded toward the customer, not Sertifi.

How do you know if your company is on the advanced version? Is Delphi.fdc advanced?

Delphi.fdc has been rebranded as the Advanced Module of Sales & Event Management. All existing features and functionality remains and Amadeus Hospitality continues to add new functionality regularly. The Advanced Module is a full-service, cloud-native solution that allows you to close business from any Internet-enabled device. The solution is built on, the leading customer relationship management platform, and is highly configurable to your unique business processes.

Will the merged contracts through Delphi be the document sent over for signing?

With the Advanced Module (formally known as Delphi.fdc), you can send documents for eSignature including event contracts, BEOs, and banquet checks via the Sertifi integration.

Does this work with batch merged BEOs through FDC?

Yes, if your batch is from one booking, then you can attach the batched file for eSignature via Sertifi.

In our contract initial and signature tags have been added. However, the last page (signature page) has an additional signature tag at the bottom which I cannot seem to remove. How can I remove this “extra” signature line that is not needed?

With Sertifi Intelligent Tags you can embed tags in a document that create signature locations and other Sertifi data boxes. This way, you can send documents with signing boxes and other Sertifi data boxes, without updating your documents manually each time you send a request. Signature tags are always required on documents. In order to remove extra tags, make sure that you have access to PDF editing software, such as Adobe Pro, to properly add the fillable tags. For more information on Fillable PDF tags, please visit our Support Center.

How does the money go into the hotel’s bank?

You can collect secure payments and authorizations by integrating your Sertifi Portal with leading payment gateways. A payment gateway will allow you to charge your customers online. You can choose to collect credit card or ACH payments and authorizations using the available payment gateways offered by Sertifi. The payment gateway acts as a mediator between the transactions that take place online via Sertifi and the payment processor. The payment processor connects to both the merchant account and payment gateway, quickly passing information back and forth, keeping it secure and almost instantaneous for the end user.

Which payment processors integrate with Sertifi?

You can leverage your existing account with your preferred payment processor, like: First Data, Chase Payment Tech, Elavon, TSYS, WorldPay, and Vantiv.

Does Sertifi integrate with OPERA?

Sertifi eAuthorize integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA for automatic posting of authorizations into the PMS. Sertifi Closing Pro+ does not integrate with Oracle Hospitality OPERA for payment posting yet.

Since we are unable to see the credit card number, how does the credit card information integrate with a PMS?

Sertifi eAuthorize has a direct plugin with Oracle Hospitality OPERA which enables straight-through processing by posting payment authorization details directly into OPERA. This eliminates the risk of re-keying errors, prevents sensitive data exposure, and reduces administrative work. With this plugin, your guests get to enjoy a more modernized and effortless payment authorization experience. Sertifi Closing Pro+ does not have an integration into OPERA at this time.

Are there any PMS systems directly linked to Sertifi so payments don’t need to be posted manually?

Sertifi Closing Pro+ is not yet integrated into Oracle Hospitality OPERA. Yet, Sertifi is a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and has an Oracle-Validated Integration with Sertifi eAuthorize, a product for capturing and validating authorizations. Sertifi eAuthorize is not integrated into Amadeus Hospitality’s Advanced Module.

Can clients use a bank account for payment instead of a credit card?

Yes, Sertifi currently supports eChecks including ACH payments.

Do clients have to enter a CC number with every transaction, or does Sertifi store card information for the client?

Payment information is never stored within the Sertifi system. If credit card information is valid, you will have the ability to clone and refund payments within the Sertifi Portal.

How would they settle the deposit postings?

Payments are made in real time, using Sertifi Closing Pro+ and under the property merchant ID. You can report on payments made online via Sertifi and reconcile to the PMS.

Can you explain what happens after a payment is made via Sertifi and the bank receives it? How can a hotel’s accounting department know what account or booking that payment belongs to? What data accompanies the payment along the path from Delphi to Sertifi to the Payment Processor to the Bank to the hotel’s General Ledger?

The payment information is entered through a hosted payment page with a partner gateway. Your processor charges the card. Once a payment is received, you can view the receipt associated with the payment with your Sertifi Portal. Payment information is never stored within the Sertifi Portal. However, if credit card information is valid, you will have the ability to clone and refund payments within the Sertifi Portal.

How can we ensure that client credit cards are not at risk for breaches similar to the large retailers like Target, etc. who have had customer card numbers stolen?

With Sertifi Closing Pro+ for Amadeus’ Advanced Module, you are lowering your PCI liability and risk by eliminating payment data exposure. Sensitive payment information is never stored within the Sertifi system and is no longer being stored on site at the hotel property.

Do you need to have the Outlook integration tool for the email capabilities?

No, you do not need the Outlook integration tool to utilize Sertifi.

Assuming this product integrates with Delphi.fdc., does it also integrate with LMS and InfoGenesis?

No, Sertifi does not integrate into LMS or InfoGenesis.

Is the cloud solution integrated with Active Directory?

Amadeus Hospitality’s Advanced Module is integrated with Active Directory. Sertifi is integrated with Amadeus Hospitality’s Advanced Module. At this time, Sertifi’s Portal is not integrated with Active Directory.

For more information on how Sertifi for Amadeus can improve your client’s experience and improve staff operational efficiency, contact [email protected].