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Sertifi Workflow Recipe: Embedded Forms

We know the little things can make a big difference. That's why Sertifi lets you easily link to credit card authorization forms, contracts, and other documents from your website, email signature, and more convenient locations. With travelers trying to squeeze-in their final summer vacations, it's a great time to make it easy to finalize business and generate more revenue with ease.

Here are some ways our customers have used embedded forms:

Gift cards

Champagne delivery to room

Spa services

Room amenities

✅ Hotel policies & waivers

✅ Pet policies

✅ Direct bill applications

Check out this short demo video to see how quickly Nemacolin is getting forms back:

Embedded forms are just the beginning.

Our authorization solution doesn't just help you get forms back in minutes. You can also maximize security and PCI compliance, plus reduce fraud and save thousands in chargebacks.

About the author

Amy Inouye

Amy Inouye is the product marketing manager at Sertifi. In collaboration with Sertifi teams and our customers, she guides the development and release of product updates.