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The Making of Sertifi's Next-Generation Agreements Platform


Hospitality runs on a great customer experience, and Sertifi does, too. With a mission to help users agree faster, work smarter, and build better experiences, every workflow and design decision we make for our platform matters.

We’ve been hard at work on an exciting product update for our customers: a reimagined user experience.

If you’re joining us at HITEC Toronto this year, swing by booth #2101 to experience our next-generation agreements platform first-hand. But first, let’s look behind the curtain and discuss how we’ve gotten from point A (conception) to point Z (delivery).

Our formula for the new experience was designed with care using the most important input: our customers. Your feedback, your evolving needs and opportunities, and our ability to enhance your experience with the best end product possible all shaped what we’re unveiling in June.

“It’s a delicate balance,” says Reg Dujour, Sertifi’s UX/UI and visual designer and integral player in the redesign. “It’s our responsibility to deliver a product that is easy to use, up to date, and accessible, which requires understanding usability trends plus where and how Sertifi users can have the best experience within the platform.”

To get inside the minds of our customers, we conducted a pilot program in which Sertifi customers were introduced to new workflows and functionality, giving them the chance to have direct input on how their experience would be developed. Every piece of feedback was discussed and prioritized with our development team.

Designed with customers in mind, our reimagined user experience will make it even easier and convenient to finalize agreements. For example, users can expect an enhanced mobile experience and improved visual accessibility. Improvements were also implemented to simplify workflows, require fewer clicks and menu hopping, and bring better visibility into task status.

For example, we've simplified authorizations and e-confirmations into a single menu, while new dashboard metrics will make it easier for users to see where they are in their process and which steps still need to be taken.

Dashboard Metrics



To help users transition to the new experience, developers prioritized creating familiarity within the platform, and only the necessary refinements to the existing experience were made. For example, you'll still find all the details you need for an event from the folder view but with small improvements like iconography and tooltips to make it easier to identify what you're looking at:

Folder Maintenance Page


We’ll also be launching a new online learning center with updated documentation and step-by-step training videos.

We’re excited to put this new experience in your hands soon. By putting our customers at the heart of the redesign, we’re confident we’re delivering the best experience possible not just to our own customers but to your customers as well. We also want to thank all our pilot program participants for your time and feedback; you’ve been an invaluable part of the journey.

Experience Sertifi's next-generation agreements platform at HITEC Toronto June 26 - 29.

Schedule a next-generation platform demo to see first hand our reimagined user experience, plus all the new features it brings to our existing credit card authorization, e-signature, and payment solutions. You can also complete hands-on exercises for $500 worth of prizes.

About the author

Amy Inouye

Amy Inouye is the product marketing manager at Sertifi. In collaboration with Sertifi teams and our customers, she guides the development and release of product updates.